Promoting Safe, Quality Healthcare for the Patient with EDS

 Course 2 in the EDS Awareness Nursing Continuing Education Program


Course Description

Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes (EDS) are genetic conditions that can have a long-term impact on most body systems and all areas of a person’s life. The experience of living with EDS is under-appreciated, and an understanding of safe, quality nursing care for patients with EDS is still in the early stages of development. By listening to patients living with EDS, their families and caregivers, nurses and other healthcare professionals can gain valuable insights into understanding the needs of patients with EDS and ways they can provide safe, appropriate, compassionate, patient-centered care for these individuals. 

This course provides a unique perspective from an hEDS patients ’s personal experience with healthcare  as this content is presented through the voice of the patient. In it, we present the findings of a 2019 EDS Awareness qualitative survey of what patients with EDS have told us nurses need to know to provide safe, quality healthcare for them. Their recommendations covered three areas of needs: safety concerns, pain and symptoms and the patient experience  as well as both general and specific recommendations for nursing care. Each topic is presented through the voice of the patient in an attempt to faithfully represent the many voices we heard in the survey findings, presenting a unique, valuable and inspiring learning opportunity.  


What We Will Cover

  1. What Patients Want Nurses to Know About Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes
  2. Patient Safety Concerns in EDS
  3. Pain & Symptoms in EDS
  4. The Patient Experience of EDS
  5. Nursing Care of the Patient with EDS


Learning Outcomes

  1. Recognize 2 patient safety concerns in an EDS clinical patient scenario.
  2. Recognize 2 pain & symptom priorities in an EDS clinical patient scenario.
  3. Recognize 2 patient experience priorities in an EDS clinical patient scenario.
  4. Identify 2 patient care priorities in an EDS clinical patient scenario.


Contact Hours and Requirements

This course should take about an hour. Upon completion, you will get a certificate of completion for 1  contact hour of continuing nursing education credit. To earn contact hours you will:

  1. Complete all course sections
  2. Answer each question
  3. Review each quiz discussion
  4. Complete the course evaluation


This continuing nursing education activity is being provided by EDS Awareness/ Chronic Pain Partners. It was  was approved by the Wisconsin Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.



Beth Fahlberg PhD, RN



There are no relevant conflicts of interest to disclose.


Course Expiration

Contact hours will be awarded for this course until November 20, 2021


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