Course 2 Quiz Feedback Section 3






Which of the following is the most appropriate way to promote Mandy’s pain & symptom management?
a. Ensure opioids are prescribed and administered.
b. Turn every 2 hours.
c. Minimize delay in administrating analgesics

c. is correct.   A common concern among hospitalized patients is the time it can take to get pain medications after they are requested. Prioritizing pain and symptom management, we should strive to prevent and reduce delays in patients’ timely pain management, both in our own practice and in the systems where we practice.

a. is incorrect because opioids are not needed for all patients with EDS-related pain. While some patients with EDS may need opioids for pain relief, many non-opioid medications and nonpharmacologic interventions can be used to effectively manage pain. If opioids are needed, they should be prescribed in a way to promote effective, responsible pain management while avoiding lapses in medication availability and patients feeling judged or stigmatized for their pain relief needs.

b. is incorrect as turning every 2 hours or on a routine basis may or may not be helpful. Many patients report waking often to reposition themselves, so this may disturb sleep even more.