Course 2 Quiz Feedback Section 4




You’ve learned that Mandy has had some difficult experiences during past hospitalizations. Which of the following do you anticipate will be priorities for Mandy to promote a positive patient experience for her this time?

a. That she feels her concerns are heard and validated.

b. That her care team provides appropriate symptom management.

c.That she is referred for specialist care when needed.

d.All of the above.

d  is correct. Patients with EDS like Mandy have often had difficult care experiences which can have a long-lasting impact. The principle ‘always listen to the patient’ is the foundation for promoting a positive patient experience. Listening, validating and addressing her concerns is the first step in this process. Appropriate symptom management is another critical element of this process, and when symptom management is challenging, or additional expertise is needed, referral for specialist care is warranted.