Course 2 Quiz Feedback Section 5





Quiz Feedback Section 5

1. Which of the following is an appropriate way to approach Mandy’s care while she’s hospitalized?
Ask about her care preferences before doing something to her.

a. Listen to her concerns.

b. Individualize her plan of care by incorporating her care preferences.

c.  Ask about previous medication reactions before giving her a new medication.

d. All of the above.


d. is correct, all of the above.
As a person with EDS, Mandy is at higher risk than most patients her age, for injury and complications during hospitalization. Therefore, her care should be approached with extra care and individualization. She may have specific approaches to care that work for her, helping her avoid injury and promoting positive outcomes. Before you do something, tell her what you plan to do and ask about her preferences for how you should approach this care. This is particularly important the first time you do it. With this information, incorporate her preferences into the plan of care and communicate this to her care team.

People with EDS can have unusual medication reactions, sensitivities and even anaphylactic reactions associated with mast cell sensitivity and dysautonomia. Therefore, you should exercise extra caution when administering new medications. While you should always look at the allergy record, be sure to also ask the patient about previous medication reactions, monitoring their responses, and taking their concerns seriously if they do not feel well.